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Fake ABC Book Club

The Fake ABC Book Club

The Fake ABC Book Club is a meetup group that was created to help English as a Second Language (ESL) learners improve their English skills through reading English novels. Every week, a number of common words from a novel that native English speakers often use in their daily conversation will be highlighted on Powerpoint slides so that ESL learners are able to communicate more effectively using slightly fancier words.

Face Matcher Slogan

The Face Matcher

This is a NodeJS application created for fun using an entirely new concept, but was used to primarily demonstrate my technical skills for my final project of a full-time immersive full-stack development course at a coding bootcamp. However, login information are only given to those whom I have permitted. (Date: 15/1/18)

JS Methods

The All-In-One Tester for Javascript Array Methods

Do you know all your Javascript array methods well enough that you know which one to choose when you need them? Try out this web application that helps you classify and understand all the methods! (Date: (17/9/17)

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