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Face Matcher screenshot

The Face Matcher

Are you tired of always talking to a person who you thought would enjoy talking to after looking at their profile picture and information? Try out an entirely new concept with this application, which is a project that I have done to primarily demonstrate my technical skills for my final project at a coding bootcamp! (Date: 15/1/18)

The Multifaceted Jukebox

Are you tired of not knowing what music to listen to when you're feeling happy/angry/sad/surprised? Try out this app which I have done in a group project setting at a coding bootcamp! (Date: 20/10/17)

The Ultimate Testing Machine for Javascript Array Methods

Do you know all your Javascript array methods well enough that you know which one to choose when you need them? Try out this web application that helps you classify and understand all the methods! (Date: (17/9/17)