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Welcome to Mega Explorer, your one and only source into the wonders of information technology. In 1999, Mega Explorer Company was founded upon the idea that information technology can do an endless number of fascinating things for human beings. From storing and transmitting information to displaying information and graphics on a screen for an audience, information technology not only plays a vital role in the way we communicate with one another in our daily lives, but also it aids us in our ability to create a reality that is far beyond the human brain can imagine.

Throughout the years from 1999 to 2005, the company registered itself under a free domain provided by Geocities and focused on creating a virtual realm in a website that aimed to inspire people with the creativity that information technology can provide us, particularly in the use of Microsoft FrontPage. The company had received numerous praise for its unique application of the tools offered to us by information technology, in order to bring a close-to-real-life experience to an audience. However, when social media such as Facebook and YouTube began to become very popular since 2006, Mega Explorer Company suffered a downturn and was closed down.

Ten years later in early 2016, Mega Explorer Company reopened and resumed its website construction business under a free website domain provided by AwardSpace. In November 2016, the company registered itself a public website domain called “”. It has now transitioned to using HTML5 code for website construction, along with Javascript, CSS, and a number of other popular formats.