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Cart Noodles

The Hong Kong Noodles Quiz for Foreigners!

How are Chinese characters put together to form phrases, such as for the names of popular Hong Kong noodle dishes? Play this quiz to find out now! (Date: 12/2/19)

Lai See

The Cantonese Vocabulary Origin Quiz for Foreigners!

Did you know that certain Cantonese words originated from English? You may be surprised, but there are actually quite many of them! Enjoy playing and have a Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! (Date: 4/2/19)

Cats and Dogs

The English Idioms Quiz for ESL Learners!

How familiar are you with idioms in English? You may not use them very often, but these are some that you ought to know! (Date: 17/12/18)

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Egg Waffle

The Cantonese Street Food Quiz for Foreigners!

What are the common street foods that you must eat when you come to Hong Kong? Play this quiz to find out! (Date: 26/3/17)

Language Quizzes

Sample photo

The Cantonese Food Quiz for Foreigners!

Do you know how Chinese characters are put together to form the names of dishes? Play this quiz to find out what Chinese sounds like to you! (Date: 2/1/17)

Fat Pork

The Cantonese Colloquial Quiz for Foreigners! II

Did you know that there are many more words and phrases in Cantonese that are related to food, drinks and other daily objects? Play this quiz to find out! (Date: 21/11/17)

Melon Tofu

The Cantonese Colloquial Quiz for Foreigners!

Did you know that many yummy food and snacks in Cantonese are used as colloquial phrases in Cantonese? Play this quiz to find out! (Date: 5/8/17)

Snow Peas

The Cantonese Idioms Quiz for Foreigners!

Did you know that a lot of Cantonese idioms make reference to food dishes and animals? This quiz may be hard, but it may introduce you to the nature of the Cantonese language! (Date: 11/11/17)

Fast Cantonese

How fast is your Cantonese?

Do you find it difficult to hear what native Cantonese speakers are saying? Find out why by doing this quiz! (Date: 16/1/18)

Chinese character one

The Cantonese Numbers Quiz for Foreigners!

Are you completely new to Cantonese? Better know how to count first because we native Cantonese people are especially good with numbers and Math. (Date: 18/11/17)

Soy Sauce Rice

你到底是個廣東人嗎? II

So you have considered yourself a native Cantonese person. If so, do you really know your own language? Play this quiz to find out now! (Date: 14/12/17)



Do you really consider yourself a native Cantonese person? If yes, then how well do you know your own language? Play this quiz to find out! (Date: (26/11/17)

Wet Market

The Korean Hangman Game for FOB's!!!

So are you a FOB (Fresh off the boat) in Korea? This hangman game should help you get by! (Date: 21/11/17)


Ready Player One

How different is Ready Player One in the novel?

For most of you who have watched the film, don't you want to know how different the book is? This quiz will give you some interesting facts of the novel, but won't spoil it entirely for you! (Date: 18/5/18)

MTR Hong Kong

How Hong Kong are you?

To what extent are you a native Hong Konger? Or if you are a foreigner, how well do you about the culture of Hong Kong? (Date: 11/5/18)

Jeremy Lin


What kind of person are you? Are you more open-minded or traditional? Take this quiz to find out! (Date: 9/1/18)

Sample photo

How High Class Are You?

So you must have considered yourself a high-class person at some point. But how high class are you? (Date: 26/7/17)

Sample photo

The Asian Food Quiz for Experts!!!

Are you sure you're an expert in Asian food? Think again when you take this quiz. (Date: 19/7/17)

Sample photo


Virtual gaming is so popular nowadays that it makes people invest a lot of time and money into various games. So to what extent are you a "tram boy"? This is a popular Cantonese phrase nowadays to describe people who are really into games that often require you to earn virtual items, as well as anime maniacs. (Date: 21/2/17)

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