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Introduction of Myself

Hello there! My name is Stanley and I was born in Hong Kong. My first encounter with website construction was back in the days of Yahoo and Geocities, which was when I really enjoyed using Microsoft FrontPage to create a personal website. It had nice graphics, diary entries, photos, a guestbook, and some cool images for people to click on to explore into hidden pages. However, as Facebook came out and Geocities was shut down over time, I began to lose my hobby in website construction. Moreover, as I took a degree in Translation, I was always more interested in how people picked up language, particularly English and Cantonese. I believe that language is very important in helping us communicate and bond with one another, even though language is also just a tool for communication. Nowadays, it seems as though computer languages are becoming ever more important, even more so than human languages, which is why I am back into making a website again. With the amount of free online resources on learning how to code today, I hope to not only remake my website that I once had in my childhood, but also take it to a much higher level with the countless number of things that can be done with code.

My Dream of this Website

Since smartphones came out, we have been living in a world where people cling onto their cellphones more than anything else, which seems to lessen the amount of real life interaction between people, yet drawing them closer in a way. So is this a good or bad phenomenon? After all, people are still communicating with each other, just not in the usual way they used to. But what about gaming? Parents would probably be the first ones to say that computer games are bad for our children. Not only is it bad for our eyes, but also they can be really addictive and make us forget about our studies. But are computer games and studying really don't go hand in hand? After I've self-taught myself some programming, I found out that programs are often just loops and are designed to make people "stuck in a loop". As hilarious as it may sound, I still find myself gaming on my IPad quite often because all of us need some time to chill and do something that helps our brains relax, don't we? So for most people, I certainly don't think their love with computers will ever diminish, especially those who have grown up with them. The most we can do is probably make people fascinated with computer programming so they can come together and do something productive with code, in addition to just knowing how to play games. In fact, this is what the world is doing right now, as we can see from all the online resources on programming and the code camps that people have established all over the world. Learning how to code is still difficult for many people though, not to mention learning how to program a game, but I think people can start their coding journey by making a personal webpage that they can show to their friends and family. Out of all the online resources that I have seen on making personal webpages, I don't think I've come across one that really teaches you how to make stuff that are fun and interactive, such as a quiz, an image with mouseover effects, an answer box for a question, etc, from the most basic kinds of code. Therefore, this website aims to fascinate people with the different things that IT can do, especially those who are new to website development, by helping them create wonderful things of their own.

My Hobbies

I have always had a keen interest in studying how people pick up language, especially during my years studying for a Bachelor's degree in Translation (English and Chinese). Of all the resources that I have seen on helping people attain proficiency in a language, such as International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), Sociolinguistics, and Politeness Strategies for the English language, it seems as if nothing is as effective as placing people in an environment where people speak the particular language because most people tend not to be serious about language learning unless they are in a situation where they are forced to speak a particular language. Nowadays, the English language seems to be the one crucial language to learn for work in this increasingly global community, but at the same time, culture also tends to influence us and may make us want to learn more or less of a language. Even though the English language usually associates with people of a higher socio-economic class, it is actually not always a language that everyone finds a connection with because most of us are born with our own mother-tongue languages. Part of the reason is that different languages have different senses of humour, which I think really defines us because nobody wants to speak a language that is not interesting to them. As for myself, even though I am fairly proficient in English, I find that the Cantonese language is often more interesting because of its colloquial tone and vocabulary that can express emphasis in a humourous way. At the moment, I think there are still very few resources that promotes the Cantonese language to Western people, which is why I have decided to make quizzes for them in this website. So maybe one day, I can also make a mobile app that is both educational and fun for Western people to learn Cantonese.

Career Aspiration

If I told you that I want to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, you would probably be rolling on the floor laughing. These prodigies have found their passion in technology at a young age, but if I were to do something to change the world, my goal would probably be different. In fact, I never found myself going into the IT sector, even though I had an interest in making websites when I was small. Coming from an uneducated family background, I always thought that language is what defines a person because it is what gives you access to knowledge. Ironically, even though I am proficient in English, I am not actually a person who talks a lot and pays a lot of attention to the news daily, trying to expand my knowledge all the time. Throughout my years studying translation, I just thought that I would become a teacher in English or Cantonese one day, but unfortunately, I eventually found out I should also try and utilise my full potential by working in the Tech sector, after landing my first full-time job in the IT field. Part of the reason is that I have witnessed that many people from other sectors actually want to be in the Tech sector, due to that not many people can make it successful in this sector. But for me, what concerns me is actually not becoming successful, but I just hope that I can do something to improve the world's education one day because I believe that in our current day's exam-oriented education systems, knowledge seems to be placed at the top priority above all else. As people advance onto university, their learning mode becomes all the more just an in-take of knowledge. An ideal education for everyone should always look like a place where students are interacting with each other, inspiring each other, as well as competing with each other, in order for them to realise their true potential from within.

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